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Patterns for Fashion Dolls
by Don McCunn

1970s Swirly Skirt Outfit
for Tyler, Alex, and Gene

 Jade Lee, Tyler, and Violet in the Swirly Skirt Outfit
From left to right:
Jade Lee (Alex), Tyler,
and Violet (Gene).

The popular 1970s Swirly Skirt is one of the most original pattern shapes to appear since the 1930s. The pattern for this skirt was derived from an actual 1970s pattern.

The skirt is made from 8 gores that may all be in the same or contrasting fabric. A combination of a print and a solid fabric highlights the design of this skirt. The blouse has a keyhole neck opening and raglan sleeves. Suede vests were also popular during this period. These vests lend themselves well to a simple seam at the bust and a fringed bottom.

This pattern can be used for the Tyler, Alex, and Gene dolls without any alterations. Instructions are included for making the skirt, vest, headband, and necklace. While this outfit is relatively easy to make, it does require careful sewing.


Copyright © 2016 by Donald H. McCunn