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Patterns for Fashion Dolls
by Don McCunn

About These Patterns

 Pages for the "We Can Do It!" Pattern

My background is in working with custom pattern design and patterns for theatrical costumes. In these environments patterns are designed to fit the body of the individual. I have also been able to explore both historically accurate patterns and garments with unusual designs. The patterns in this collection will reflect my interest in these areas.

 Instructions for dressing a doll.  

Along with my patterns you will find illustrated step-by-step instructions for assembling the garments. These instructions are the result of testing each pattern to find the easiest means of putting it together consistent with achieving the best possible results.

For some of the more unusual designs I have included instructions of how to dress the doll, such as the instructions shown on the left.

Each pattern is carefully designed to fit a doll's body without requiring any further pattern alterations or fittings. If a pattern will fit more than one doll, the pattern description identifies the dolls. The pattern descriptions on this web site include photos that show how the finished garments will look on the doll(s).

All patterns include measurements in inches and centimeters and are created in a smoke free environment.

About the Dolls

  Bust Waist Hips
Tyler 7-1/2" (19cm) 4-1/4" (10.8cm) 7-1/2" (19cm)
Alex 6-1/2" (16.5cm) 4" (10cm) 6-3/4" (17cm)
Gene 7" (17.8cm) 3-3/4" (9.5cm) 6-3/4" (17cm)
American Model 10-1/4" (26cm) 6" (15cm) 10-1/4" (26cm)

I have selected to work with the Tyler and friends, Alex and friends, Gene/Madra, and 22" American Model fashion dolls. You can see from the table above that each one of these dolls has a different body. However, within the 16" dolls from a given company, each doll uses exactly the same body sculpt. This means that the patterns for Gene can be used without alterations on Madra because both of these dolls are from the Ashton-Drake Galleries. The one exception to this is Emme and Mama Morton from the Tonner Doll Company. I have listed the names of the various dolls of each company below.

Tyler and Friends
Most of the 16" dolls from the Tonner® Doll Company use the same body sculpt as Tyler. Tyler's friends include: American Beauties, Angelina Ruiz, Ashleigh, Brenda, Carrie, Catwoman, Daphne, Esmé, Fashion Jane, Glinda, Jac, Kit, Mei Li, Miss America, Roxie, Samantha, Stella, Suzette, Sydney Chase, Velma, and the Wicked Witch (but not: Emme, Endora, or Mama Morton - Dorothy and Marley are 10" dolls).

Alex and Friends
The full name of Alex, from The Alexander Doll Company is Alexander Fairchild Ford. Alex's friends include: Amanda Fairchild Ford, Jade Lee, Paris Williams, and Sofia Cruz.

The three dolls created by Mel Odom and sold by the Ashton-Drake Galleries include Gene, Madra, and Violet Waters. They are commonly refered to by the name Gene. I make frequent reference to Madra or Gene/Madra as the doll in my collection is the Madra doll. The official web site for these dolls is The Gene Marshall Collection.

22" American Model
The American Model fashion dolls from the Tonner® Doll Company for some reason do not have individual names. These dolls are approximately 1/3 scale whereas the 16" dolls are 1/4 scale. They share the same body sculpt.

Copyright and Grant of Rights

My patterns are protected by US and international copyright law. For clarity I include the following Grant of Rights with each pattern.

  • You may copy the patterns for your own individual use.
  • You may distribute and/or sell sewn garments made from the patterns without any restriction.
  • You may not distribute or sell copies of the descriptions and/or patterns to others including friends, club members, students, or clients.
  • You may distribute a copy of the "Dressing Instructions" with garments you make from these patterns.

I reserve the right to refuse to sell my patterns to anyone who does not honor the copyright law and the specific rights stated above.

Copyright © 2005 by Donald H. McCunn

Design Enterprises of San Francisco is not affiliated with any doll manufacturing company.
Tyler Wentworth® and American Model™ are a trademarks of the Tonner® Doll Company, Inc.
Alexander Fairchild Ford™, Amanda Fairchild Ford™, Jade Lee™, Paris Williams™, and
    Sofia Cruz™, are trademarks of The Alexander Doll Company, Inc.
Gene® Marshall, Madra®, Violet Waters™ are trademarks of The Ashton-Drake Galleries.
The photographs on this web site are of dolls in private collections.