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Patterns for Fashion Dolls
by Don McCunn

Welcome to my collection of patterns for the Tyler and friends, Alex and friends, Gene/Madra/Violet, and the 22" American Model fashion dolls. These patterns include illustrated step-by-step sewing instructions but they assume you have a basic working knowledge of how to sew clothes. To learn more about "the friends," see About These Patterns. For more information about a pattern or to order a pattern, click on an image or link in The Patterns below.

 Pattern for We Can Do It!  

The patterns are available as PDF Download files which you can download directly to your computer from the order confirmation page. The estimated download times for these files are included with each pattern description.

My patterns are either designed to specifically fit one fashion doll's "body sculpt" such as the Morning Glory gown, or they may fit all three 16" fashion dolls, such as the "We Can Do It!" overalls. When the patterns fit all three, the caption below reads "Tyler/Alex/Gene." The patterns for the 22" American Model are only designed to fit that particular fashion doll.

If you would like to create your own designs, I've included the Sloper patterns which are compatible with the pattern design techniques described in my book How to Make Sewing Patterns.

The Patterns

Contemporary Styles
 Tyler in the Wedding Dress Sweetheart Gown
for Tyler
US $12
 Tyler and Alex in the Bolero and Skort Bolero & Skort
for Tyler & Alex
US $12 each
 Madra and Tyler in the Morning Glory Morning Glory
for Tyler & Gene US $12 each
 Alex, Tyler, and Magra in "We Can Do It!" Overalls "We Can Do It!"
for Tyler/Alex/Gene
US $12
The Basics
 Tyler and her dress form in sloper pattern garments
for Tyler, Alex, Gene, & American Model
US $15 each
 Tyler with Dress Forms Dress Forms
for Tyler
US $12 each
Period Styles
 Jade Lee, Tyler, and Violet in the Swirly Skirt 1970s Swirly Skirt
for Tyler/Alex/Gene
US $10
Ode to Erté
 Madra in the Medalion Gown
Medallion Gown
for Tyler/Alex/Gene
US $10
 Tyler in The Cage
"The Cage"
for Tyler/Alex/Gene
US $10
 Alex in Scheherezade II
Scheherezade II
for Tyler/Alex/Gene
US $10
"I met Don McCunn through a Yahoo Fashion Doll group. We chatted back and forth a few times and became internet friends. After learning that he was going to be designing patterns for the fashion dolls, I offered to be his pattern tester. He sent me a couple of patterns and I immediately got busy making outfits. With a good heart, I can say that his pattern designs are not complicated and fit like a charm. Don has many many ideas on designs and I look forward to working with him for a long time to come."
Cheryl Castillon

To ask for assistance and/or discuss custom patternmaking issues, join one or more of Don's free groups.

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