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Patterns for Fashion Dolls
by Don McCunn

"We Can Do It!"
for Tyler, Alex, and Gene

 We Can Do It! Poster

Photo courtesy of the
National Archives and
Records Administration

 Alex, Tyler, and Madra in We Can Do It! Overalls

During World War II, the U.S. War Production Co-Ordinating Committee commissioned J. Howard Miller to create the "We Can Do It!" poster to encourage women to take jobs that had previously been the exclusive domain of men.

Inspired by the "We Can Do It!" poster, This pattern set includes not only a work shirt and head scarf but overalls and Long Johns. The patterns fit the Tyler and friends, Alex and friends, and Gene/Madra fashion dolls. No alterations to the patterns are necessary.

The overalls can have either short or long legs. The Long Johns can have either short or long sleeves, short or long legs, or just the legs.


Copyright © 2005 by Donald H. McCunn