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Patterns for Fashion Dolls
by Don McCunn

Bolero & Skort Patterns
for Tyler and Alex

 Tyler in Bolero and Skort with Gaucho Hat
The Patterns
  • Bolero
  • Skort
  • Halter
  • Vest
  • Skirt
  • Hat
 Alex in Bolero and Skort with Gaucho Hat.

The Bolero and Skort, a hybrid between a skirt and shorts, are garments that have short hem lengths. This pattern set includes a halter that matches the hem length of the Bolero. The sewing instructions show how to make the Bolero without the sleeves to create a vest. An additonal back skirt pattern is included for a mini-skirt.

The Bolero has a Spanish influence. There is even a Spanish dance and music called the Bolero. A Gaucho-style hat is included to complement the Bolero jacket. The step-by-step instructions for making the hat include 19 photographs so no previous millinery experience is required.

Materials Required for the Hat
The foundation for the hat requires buckram (8" x 6" - 21cm x 16cm) and millinery wire or 20 gauge craft wire. If your local fabric store does not carry these items, they may be obtained from, click the "Hat supplies" link. For other resources go to


Copyright © 2005 by Donald H. McCunn