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Patterns for Fashion Dolls
by Don McCunn

Dress Form / Display Mannequin
Patterns for Tyler

 Tyler with suspended and free standing Dress Forms

The Dress Form / Display Mannequin can be used to create original designs and/or display finished garments. When you use it to create original designs, always double check the fit of the garment on the actual doll's body.

The Dress Form can be either the full torso or just the waist to hip region. Legs can be added to either style to display pants. The Dress Form uses lamp parts for the spine and stand. These lamp parts allow the Dress Form to be either suspended or free standing. For further information, see Dress Form Lamp Parts.

The shape of the Dress Form is maintained using buckram and millinery wire assembled with hat making techniques. If your local fabric store does not carry these items, they may be obtained from For other resources go to

You are welcome to download two pages from these instructions for a description of how to use lamp parts to create Doll Stands.


Copyright © 2005 by Donald H. McCunn